Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Wedding!

Like I said, we got married April 25th. Everything was PERFECT...well to us atleast! I really wasn't bridezilla at all so I think thats why I enjoyed the big day sooooo much....and have no complaints! =) I could load pictures all day...but I won't! Here are a few...

My BEAUTIFUL bridesmaids! Shell was my matron and my sis was my maid! =)
(The 2 middle girls)

The guys...YES holding hands!

Daddy walking me down...

Apparently SOMETHING was funny to me!

My WONDERFUL family!

SOME of his WONDERFUL family!!

This is after a "moment " I had...trying to cut the cake with the server! Nice...


  1. The wedding was perfect! I was so happy to have the privilege of bring a bridesmaid! You were a beautiful bride!!

  2. Haha!! I didnt know u tried cutting it with the server..LOL wish I had seen that one!
    The wedding WAS perfect & no u werent a bridezilla!! Thanks for letting me be a part of the big day- i had fun!!